Free Tai Sui Prayers 2017 (Rooster Year) For Protection & Support, For Clash Rabbit Zodiac, For Renovation Works


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

Master atan has been offering FREE Tai Sui Prayers for the past 10 years and everyone is most welcome to put in their names for  the annual Tai Sui Support and Protection. 

For those who were born in the year of the Rabbit, this zodiac will be the clash or conflict animal (called “Farn Tai Sui” in Cantonese) to the Rooster, but they can request for Tai Sui Prayers as a remedy for that situation. 

If you are carrying out some renovations at home, it is recommended that you request for a Tai Sui Prayer before the project begins, to avoid any inadvertent offending of Tai Sui during digging work, and for the renovation to progress safely and smoothly. 

You can submit your names here in the comment box below, and I will be happy to help list the names for Tai Sui Prayers for you, or you can also submit your names (nicknames or initials can be used to protect your privacy) directly at Dhealing Forum HERE

Tai Sui Prayer Room – Name List 2017

I have copied Master atan’s message below for more details. 

Take care and stay safe! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 


# 1 ~~~ Prayer to Tai Sui – 2017.

All members and their loved ones are encouraged to list their names in the 2017 Prayer Room for Tai Sui Prayer.

This prayer is very important as I had activated it to be …..

1. You and your family will have the protection and support from Tai Sui in many areas of your life – especially wealth and health.

2. When you are moving outside or away from your home or traveling – you will also have His best protection and support.

3. If you had unknowingly offended Tai Sui – you will be Protected.

For the past few years, we had placed SCC and Trinity 3coins in the in our home , and Piyao to appease Him – these sectors were very clean when Tai Sui came and stay in our home – Tai Sui was very happy in years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and I hope the same in 2017. 

With more than 50,000 requests to Pray to Tai Sui thus far,  please don’t miss out on this Effective Prayer, it is free.

Go to this Link…..

Tai Sui Prayer Request – 2017

Tai Sui Prayer – Name List – 2017

Master atan

09 January, 2017.


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  1. 1

    angie ng said,

    Dear Choesf,
    Can you pls add the following names for the 2017 Tai Sui Prayer
    1) S H Yap & family – K L, Malaysia
    2) G S Ng & family – Ipoh, Malaysia
    3) M P Ng & family – Ipoh, Malaysia
    4) M L Ng & family – Ipoh, Malaysia
    Thank you very much.


  2. 3

    Pat said,

    Dear Choesf

    Please add

    P Chow and Family – Malaysia
    A Chow and family – Singapore

    Much thanks for your annual assistance and generosity


  3. 5

    Giva said,

    Dearest Choesf:

    THANK YOU for always thinking of us. Please kindly add the following names. THANK YOU and we wish You and Family prosperity, good health, and happiness for 2017!

    Dany S., USA
    Pisith Y., USA
    Ravann Y. & Family, USA
    Sam T. & Family, USA
    Rawath Y. & Family, USA
    David Y. & Family, USA
    Nandita A. & Family, USA
    Rawaty Y., USA
    Betty V. & Family, USA


  4. 7

    Sam said,

    Hi there!
    Thank you so much, for sharing this with us again Choesf!
    Please, add the following:

    Ho Z. – Germany
    Su Z. – Germany
    Va Z. – Germany
    Sa Z. – Germany

    May 2017 be a good year for you and your family!


  5. 9

    Hoon said,

    Dear choesf
    Please include the following in the Tai Sui’s Prayers.
    1.) LSK – KL
    2.) TCH – KL
    3.) LXS – Spore
    4.) LYQ – UK
    Thank you so much.


  6. 11

    Jacqui said,

    Dear Master Atan,

    Please offer Tai Sui prayer for the following:-

    1) P.O.K – UK
    2) J.P.C.K -UK
    3) K.H.L.K – UK

    Thank you so much.
    Yours gratefully,


  7. 13

    table2804 said,

    hi Choesf,

    Me again 🙂

    Please list my names:

    Chong Keok Fa & family- Singapore
    Liew WL – Singapore
    Liew ME – Singapore
    Toh CG- Singapore
    Liew CL- Singapore
    Toh WJ- Singapore
    Paul Lee & family – Singapore
    Liew SE – Singapore
    Ken Lee – Singapore
    Tan TH – Singapore
    Liew BE – Singapore
    Tan HQ – Singapore
    Chen EnYi – Singapore
    Wong family – Singapore
    Wong Wei Yang 黄偉洋 – Singapore
    Neo KS & family – Singapore
    Tan BK & family – Singapore
    Ong YL – Singapore
    Gan KC & family – Singapore



  8. 15

    ML said,

    Please offer Tai Sui prayer for the following:-

    Quah K K & family

    Thank you very much.


  9. 17

    Julie said,

    Dear Choesf,

    Please include the following in the Tai Sui’s Prayers

    JCLT and Family – Canada

    thank you very much.


  10. 19

    Ray said,

    Dear Choesf,

    Please list me and my family for Tai Sui prayers 2017 as follows:

    Raymond B & Family – Brisbane Australia.

    With thanks.


  11. 23

    CSY said,

    Dear Choesf,

    Please include the following in the Tai Sui’s Prayers

    Chan SY – Malaysia

    thank you very much.


  12. 25

    joan said,

    please include me in the list: Joan-Philippines


  13. 27

    WangSF said,

    Dear Choesf,

    Hope it’s not too late. Please include me for the Tai Sui’s prayer:

    Wang SF – Malaysia

    Thanks & Happy CNY to you & family!


  14. 30

    Maridel said,

    Please include my name in your prayer “Del”


  15. 33

    Mariam Sukmawarni said,

    Please add and include the following in the Tai Sui’s Prayers

    Mariam Sukmawarni, Indonesia


  16. 35

    Twentya Boru Gultom said,

    Please add and include the following in the Tai Sui’s Prayers

    Twentya Boru Gultom


  17. 40

    Duyung said,

    Hi choesf,

    Very much appreciated if you could include the following name for the Tai Sui prayer:

    Aminuddin Tjan & Family – Medan, Indonesia
    Lim Na Ni – Medan, Indonesia

    Thank you!


  18. 42

    PC Choo said,

    Dear Master Atan & Moderator

    We would like to list our names for Tai Sui prayer.

    Kent Choo HM
    PC Choo
    Rose Phuan

    Many Thanks


  19. 43

    PC Choo said,

    Dear Master Atan & Moderator

    We would like to list our names for Tai Sui prayer

    Choo HM, Kent, Singapore
    Choo PC, Singapore
    Rose Phuan, Singapore

    Many Thanks


  20. 47

    Lynn said,

    Hi Cloesf,

    Kindly add names for:

    Liew WC – Singapore / Vietnam
    Le Shi Fang – Singapore / Vietnam
    Liew Eng – Singapore

    Happy Lunar New Year:)


  21. 49

    table2804 said,

    many thanks, Choesf and Happy CNY !


  22. 51

    table2804 said,

    How to make donation?


  23. 54

    table2804 said,

    I know I know. Sorry, did not make it clear.
    Yes, I meant to ask how to make donation to Master atan 


  24. 56

    siownah said,

    may i know who is master atan? i am from jb. may i see him personally? how do we pray for tai sui?


    • 57

      Hi there, siownah 😀

      You can find out more about Master atan at his forum below. I have been following his FS for 11 years already.

      You can get free advice from his forum, or prepare your own DIY FS items and ask for free activation from his forum, or buy the more powerful items from his webstores.

      Master atan will do the Tai Sui prayers for us. We just need to provide him with our names/nicknames and country. It is a free service from him.

      Have a great Year of the Rooster!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  25. 58

    Fred said,

    Dear choesf
    Can you kindly add the below names into the list please?

    1. Tan Poh Leng Freddie – Singapore
    2. Chew Lay Lek – Singapore
    3. Lock Lee Lian – Singapore


  26. 60

    Theresa said,

    Dear Choesf,

    Happy CNY to you and your family! Wishing all of you a healthy and prosperous 2017.

    Please help us list our names, listed below, for Master Atan’s 2017 Prayer Room Tai Sui Prayer.

    Thank you!

    Theresa 😀

    1) Jay Ju Sze Fung – Singapore
    2) Theresa Chi Kum Ng – Singapore
    3) Iris Ai Rey Fung – LA, USA
    4) PJ Cleary – LA, USA
    5) Irene Ai Ling Fung – SF, USA
    6) Brian Pei En Fung – Singapore
    7) Emily Ai Lee Fung – Singapore


  27. 64

    Hi Sir, Good day to you. Can you add our names to the Tai Sui Prayers?

    Yip Cheong Fatt, Singapore
    Anita Yip Yi Xuan (aka Before change name) Yip Mei Fong, Singapore
    Andy Ng Zhi Xian, Singapore


  28. 66

    CF Wong said,

    Hi Master,

    Kindly add below names for Tai Sui Prayers 2017 :
    i) Wang QuanHui – Singapore
    ii) Eileen Peng Ya – Singapore
    iii) Ethan Wong Kai Xuan – Singapore
    iv) Ng Chor Him – Singapore

    Thanks and Happy New year !


  29. 68

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  30. 69

    […] * Note – Free Tai Sui Prayers 2017 By Master atan For Protection & Support; For Clash Rabbit Zodiac, For …   […]


  31. 70

    […] * Note – Free Tai Sui Prayers 2017 By Master atan For Protection & Support; For Clash Rabbit Zodiac, For …  […]


  32. 71

    […] * Note – Free Tai Sui Prayers 2017 By Master atan For Protection & Support; For Clash Rabbit Zodiac, For …  […]


  33. 72

    Geraldine said,

    Dear CHOESF
    Please help to add in Tai sui Prayer 2017:
    16th Feb
    Geraldine Lim Su Mei Singapore


  34. 74

    Em mendoza said,

    Dear Master & Moderators
    Please include the following names for Tai Sui Prayer request 2017.

    Em mendoza and family -Philippines
    Olan mendoza and family- Philippines


  35. 76

    roguerecording said,

    Dear Choesf:

    Please kindly add J. S. Bhalla & Family from Dix Hills NY

    Love & Regards with much Thanks


  36. 78

    Susan said,

    Please add Susan F Gutierrez, Juan Carlo Dulos, Nina Dulos and Francis Dulos


  37. 79

    Susan said,

    Thank you very much.


  38. 81

    Donna lawrence said,

    Dear choesf please add Donna lawrence Paris lawrence Yves lawrence Daniel jones Tommy pask Hermione pask Jake Lawrence for Tai Sui prayers from England thank you


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