Life is Good!


Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I just took this picture of my cat, Baby, and then it struck me that if there is anyone in my family who is the epitome of enjoying life to the maximum, it is HER! Lol! 

Baby is around age 80 in human years and when she joined my family, she was only 8 weeks old, a stray kitten that was given by a friend. Because she was so tiny, we named her, Baby. 

Her daily life is very straightforward and cushy – sleep, eat, sunbathe, clean and groom herself, play with her “grandma” (me) or with our beagle, Benji (she is like a mommy to Benji and even taught the dog to lick his paws and clean his face, just like a cat! Lol!) … and the whole cycle repeats itself throughout the day, although not necessarily in the same order above. Lol!

On the other hand, life for humans is much more complex than a household cat’s…and that got me to thinking – what can we do for ourselves to make our life good or better for us? To be contented…to be happy…to be at peace? 

One word came to my mind right away —> Energies! 

Scientists have began to recognise that everything in the Universe is made out of energy. We can harness those Universal energies to our advantage! 

Match the frequency of that energy out there to the energy of the reality that we want, and we will get what we want.

How do we do that? 

Know that feeling in your heart of what you want in life, something that you want so badly,  and the thoughts that go with it? For example, a substantial salary increment. 

We are going to use the vibrational energies from our feelings and thoughts to send them out to the Universe and attract a matching  energetic response back to us. Like in “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret.”

Make sure that those feelings and thoughts are in the positive, and visualise that you already got that pay rise that you wanted badly.  Because same energies attract, we only want to attract positive things to us by thinking positively. 

Once we know we attract what we think and we stay in positivity, we will start to drop the negative aspects and try to turn things around for us. It is very difficult to break our habit and start doing that at first, but it gets easier after a while. A few examples :-

  1. gratitude, in place of complaints – instead of complaining that a job is not rewarding, try to be grateful to have a job instead as there are many unemployed out there. Use the energies and thoughts to bring forth a new, better job to us.
  2. block out negative words in our mind and replace them with their opposites – positive words! Nip it in the bud whenever we have a negative word pop up in our brain. 
  3. change the way we communicate and have a more positive, diplomatic, encouraging but firm style

Changing like that will take mindfulness and effort, but meditation does help the monkey mind to calm down a lot to more focused to change our habitual trains of thoughts and reactions/behavior. 

So, the above is my very general and simplistic take on how to be positive,  Zen and thankful for everything in life. I have been applying those techniques for almost a year now and the results are amazing! Life is Good! 

Later, I will post some of my experiences on how some things turned out so positive and rewarding (monetary, timing, emotional) in the comment box below, as I have to go out now to run some errands. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that I just learned another amazing technique – basically, we send Unconditional Love to those areas, whether situational or physical, that we are facing some problems. For example, my old sinusitis problem has returned lately when I inhaled too much dust during a major decluttering job at home.

Traditional Chinese and Western medicines didn’t seem to help bring permanent relief for my sinusitis. Last night, I couldn’t sleep due to a really congested nose and I only fell asleep at 4am. 

This morning, upon learning that I can heal my sinusitis by sending Unconditional Love to my nose and sinus areas, I was delighted to find my nose congestion cleared and I only did it like for a couple of minutes. It worked! Later, I intend to send Unconditional Love to my sinuses for a longer duration during my meditations and see how it goes. I am sure this technique can be applied to situations, too, like that pay rise, or work environment, etc.

I wish you all Good Luck and Success!

With love, peace and joy,

choesf  😀 


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  1. 1

    Suzana said,

    Hi, could you please describe how this “unconditional love” feeling is? What are exactly your thoughts, do you visualize anything when you do it? Many thanks.


    • 2

      Hi there, Suzana 😀

      Hmmm…it may be a little difficult to explain how “unconditional love” feels like. It is a different feeling from what maternal or spousal love feel like. I think we can say that unconditional love is “just love” – without the judgment and conditions that we would have in the maternal or spousal love? In Buddhism, it is known as “metta” – suffusing every space and beings with love…just love, and no thinking about anything else. I am sorry if I didn’t explain it well. **blush**

      For sending unconditional love to a situation, I first set an intention in my mind that I am sending unconditional love to my sinus cavities (to heal my sinusitis, I read it is good to send that to our body, for those that find it so difficult to lose weight), and then I feel the love in my heart going to my sinus areas. To help the process, we can also imagine a bubble of powder pink as unconditional love going to where we want it to.

      Then I just relax and just do that for a couple of minutes. The longer and more often would be better. No thinking about anything in my mind. So, it is like a form of meditation.

      If sending unconditional love to a situation, like the pay rise example I gave above, visualise that you have got your pay rise in hand already (like maybe a notification letter/email), and send unconditional love to that visualisation.

      We can do affirmations via thoughts, too – like firmly say in your mind a few times and often, “I have received my salary increment.”

      One of the amazing experiences that I had was regarding replacing my old sofa set. I was ready to do so and I just set the intention that I will get something of good quality at a reasonable price, and I set my mind to think like that.

      One week later, my husband and I went to this 3-year old shopping mall that we had never been before although it was just a few kilometres from our house. My husband is the type that likes to window shop first for anything he wants to buy and it can take many rounds of going to malls and shops before he decides on anything.

      That day, we stumbled upon a top class furniture company having great discounts and price slashes and it was the last day of their sale and they had set up a temporary area at the concourse of the mall.

      My husband bought immediately a beautiful set of leather sofa and even a LaZboy that he has always wanted, both at a great 50 % discount. They were not showroom items, but were made new upon receiving our orders.

      Wow, up til today I couldn’t believe that the timing was so superb that we could save thousands of ringgit when we were led to that shopping mall.

      The energies in the Universe are amazing, we can tap on them to get what we want. There is no need to think about the how’s and the when’s…as long as we stay positive and calm, we will receive what we want.

      Hope that helps…

      Good Luck and Success!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 3

        Suzana said,

        Thank you so much for your detailed answer! I think I have a better understanding of what you meant through unconditional love. I am in process of learning Tao’s teachings about unconditional love, but I wasn’t thinking about feeling or sending unconditional love to my knees for example (ouch, they hurt!). I thought this love is applicable to human beings only, ha! how I forgot that I am a human being:).
        Sending you love..Suzana


      • 4

        You are most welcome, Suzana! You gave me an idea there on sending unconditional love to our knees, thank you for sharing your information. I need to do that for my knees, too, I can certainly empathise with you there. Ouch! Lol!

        Good Luck!

        Sending you love back,

        choesf 😀


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