My DIY Orgonite – For EMF Protection, For Converting Negative Energies To Positive Energies, For Healing & Good Health


My third batch of orgonite – in blue colour this time. The smaller ones are personal orgonite for each of my family members

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I first stumbled onto the amazing world of orgonite a few months ago, and I was amazed at what it can do to help convert negative energies (Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs in particular) into positive energies. There is a lot of information on the Internet on the various ways to make orgonite and how it works for us. 

Articles on EMFs —>

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) – Are The Dangers For Real?

Dr.Mercola’s “EMF Health Risks Controversy Exposed”

After completing my research, I decided to make my own orgonite because it was just too expensive for me to buy them online – I needed many pieces to grid the parameter of my property  for EMF protection, to place them at my wifi routers/modems, at my electricity smart meter, wifi extenders, laptops,  even in my cars as we use Bluetooth while driving, too. 


My personal orgonite stuck to my iPhone7+ cover – I use my phone more than my laptop. Plus it gives me added protection from the EMFs when I go out. 

Because there are so many helpful videos and instructions out there on how to make orgonite, I will just post my orgonite method here and tell you to avoid the mistakes that I made! Lol!


The top one is my very first orgonite that I made. The second one, the orgonite turned out a little softer that it should be. The bottom is the latest batch that yielded the best looking ones. Lol! 

Here are the things I need to make orgonite :-


Two non-stick muffin trays for house gridding and for personal uses. Although the trays are non-stick, I still apply additional coconut oil. My main problem is the unmoulding stage – my orgonite got stuck! Lol! With the metal trays, I can use a hammer and knock the bottom of the trays and the orgonite will pop out! But the dented trays will not be reusable anymore. I have tried Chinese rice bowls, plastic cups, silicon moulds…etc. 


I used epoxy resin – it has almost no odours compared to polyester resin. Also, this dries and hardens quite fast – in about 3 hours here in tropical Malaysia.


The formula for the orgonite is 50% metals and 50% resin, with a quartz crystal. Metals were sourced from cut up stainless steel dish scrubbers, copper brushes and steel wool. The finer the metal, the more “power is generated” in the orgonite. For crystals, I used amethyst, citrine and rose quartz. 


Rubber gloves for making orgonite (the resin is really sticky!), garden gloves for unmoulding the orgonite (there may be some sharp metals poking out of the orgonite – can be cut off), measuring cups (separately for the resin and the activator), colour dyes (I have red and blue here), and gold glitter for the extra effect (it is optional)..bamboo chopsticks for stirring. A larger measuring cup for mixing the resin and pouring.


Fill up the muffin trays to 3/4 full with metals – I dropped the crystals in about halfway through


Okay, here is my mistake! Lol! Never pour the resin to the brim of the muffin tray! It will spill to the side. and make a mess. Just fill about 80% to 90% to the top of the mould – pour in 2 batches to make sure that the resin seeps through the metals thoroughly. Use the bamboo chopsticks or sturdy plastic spoons to push down the metals (they will try to float to the top of the liquid resin)..Every 15 minutes or so, during the curing time, I push down any metals that pop up. 

Extra tips :-

 1) I played soothing and healing Solfeggio Frequencies music while I make the orgonite and during the curing stage. We want to infuse the orgonite with good energies. 

2) although there is not much smells from the epoxy resin, you still have to make orgonite in an airy place, because during curing, there will be fumes released. I made the orgonite at my balcony and had the ceiling fan on to ventilate the space there. 

3) if your orgonite is a little out of shape,  smudged with fingerprints, or you want a nicer shine, make a small batch of resin and brush it onto the orgonite. Like an additional thin layer. 

4) making orgonite may be messy (at least for me, Lol!), but the rewards are worth the effort! Every batch turned out differently – it is like they have their own different personality! 

5) I learn something new with each batch of orgonite that I made, so it has been a really interesting learning experience for me.


Where I placed my orgonite :-

The big ones were placed at all four corners of my property, two more in front of the house at the end of my car porch, one on top of the electricity smart meter (ssshhh…they say that it can even reduce the electricity bill!), one on each Wifi modem/router, one in front of each TV, on top of the microwave oven, and one in my house’s DB box (where the electricity fuses are). 

The smaller ones were placed next to my family member’s laptops on tables, in their laptop bags when they go to work or attend university classes, one in each car, and one beside everyone’s bed. 


The healing benefits of orgonite? 

I used a pendulum to check on the energies of my orgonite and found them to be good. After placing orgonite around my home, the atmosphere feels “lighter” and I don’t feel so foggy-brained anymore. My husband said he sleeps deeper nowadays and I saw that he has trouble waking up, too – he overslept! Lol! 

My eldest daughter said her dreams are more vivid, as if she is really active in her dreams. 



Another confirmation to me that the orgonite certainly generates positive energy was when squirrels started coming every night with their tree nuts to the orgonite that I had placed in a pot next to my main door – they would have a nut party and pee and poop there! Every night! And I have to wash that area every morning after! Lol! 


I read that some cats and dogs even sleep right on the orgonite because their enjoy the calming effects of the energy that orgonite emits. It converts deadly orgone energy (known as DOR) to positive energy (POR). Orgone is another pseudoscientific name for Chi, Prana, or Life Force. 

Cats and Orgonite 

Do let me know how your orgonite turns out if you do decide to make some for yourself! 

Take care and stay healthy! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 




15 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Jane Neo said,

    thanks for your detail method. Give me the confidence to start making.


  2. 4

    jkong6686 said,

    hi please advise where can we buy epoxy resin and hardener?


  3. 6

    P.S. I bought the 2kg epoxy – 1kg hardener for RM400 – I have used up about 80% of the epoxy resin to produced about 28 large muffin sized orgonite and 18 small personal orgonite. 🤔


  4. 7

    Jacquelyn Chua said,

    Can I know how much hardener to add to the epoxy resin? I manage to find it in Singapore but it comes both as 2 kgs each.



    • 8

      Hi there, Jacquelyn 😀

      I am so glad you found some epoxy resin in Singapore. It should come with instructions on how much to mix each type. If they come in 2kgs each, and as a set, then it is likely that you mix them of equal portions. 🤔

      Mine came as a 2kg bottle resin and a 1kg bottle hardener.

      Have fun making your orgonite! I am so excited to hear how yours will turn out!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


      • 9

        Jacquelyn Chua said,

        Hi, I manage to do the first batch but not fantastic as there are some holes in the orgonites, but some turn out beautiful, I’m using blue colouring and I’m using silicon mould. The trouble is the second batch I did on Saturday, it sticks to the mould, probably I did not use enough hardener but the and the rest are good.

        How do I remove the ‘sticky’ orgonite from the silicon, can I use acetone to clean it. Please help! Thanks

        Liked by 1 person

      • 10

        Hi there, Jacquelyn 😀

        Yay, you made your orgonite! 👏

        I’m so happy to hear yours turn out beautiful. My daughter loves our blue orgonite the most.

        When you make another batch for orgonite, you can fill up the holes with a bit of liquid epoxy mix. That’s what I did.

        I have not tried using acetone before although I read that it can remove the leftover orgonite bits. I have disposed all my moulds so far.

        With best wishes,

        choesf 😀


    • 11

      P.S. I just bought another metal muffin tin to make small personal orgonite.

      Two of my children love the latest blue ones that I made, they felt them to have a calming and peaceful effect on them. I only played Solfeggio Frequencies while preparing and curing the orgonite.

      Whereas, my eldest daughter felt the gold ones were too strong for her (I had added Reiki energies to them in addition to playing Solfeggio Frequencies) 🤔


  5. 12

    Debbie said,

    i believe a lot on the emission of negative energy due to the fastlane lifestyle that we have adopted. Glad that you share with us on how to resolve this problem. Thkq very much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 13

      Hi there, Debbie 😀

      Thank you for your comment. You are right. The fast paced lifestyle we are adopting now certainly contribute to stress as well, in addition to the electronic gadgets that we are using almost constantly.

      I am so grateful that I now have orgonite to help.

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


  6. 14

    Meg said,

    Hi there,
    do u sell this orgonite?it would be good if i could get some for my phone. I get headache from my Iphone 6 although i m not using it..and also when the wifi is turned on..
    currently i m pregnant..and dont think can be diy the orgonite…


    • 15

      Hi there, Megan 😀

      Congratulations on your pregnancy!

      I’m sorry, I don’t sell orgonite 😊 but you can find orgonite buttons for cell phones for sale online…and theirs look better and are thinner than mine.

      Let me know if you can’t find them online and I will post the links here for you.

      Take care!

      With best wishes,

      choesf 😀


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