Health Tips From My New TCM Doctor —> Of Sun, Exercise, Iced Drinks, The Mind, Smokers, Sleeping On The Floor

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I thought the health advice given by my new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor recently was fascinating enough to share with you. Lol!

I was introduced to a new TCM doctor, who specialises in applying acupressure as treatment for one’s health ailments and/or sprains/injuries. I like him – he was a very positive person and he gave me a lot of health tips as he was applying acupressure on the meridian points of my body to heal me of my chronic sinus problem and to balance my health. 

Listed below are what he taught me, from his school of TCM  💡 –


He said that we must get some sunlight daily – around 30 minutes of exposure to the sun is very beneficial to our health. However, the best time to go under the sun is from 12 noon to 4pm.

He was right – for the past few months, I have not been getting under the sun as much as I used to with doing gardening…and my sinusitis got worse.   I was indoors being a “Puteri Lilin”…hahaha!

Candle princess’ (Malay: Puteri Lilin): Someone who can’t stand being in the sun because she’d melt, just like a candle.

The dust generated during my house repairs and renovations also triggered allergies in me – I was sneezing like crazy even when I was cutting onions, when there was a difference in the environment temperature, like from an airconditioned room’s coolness to the normal hot tropical temperature, or vice versa.  

After I started getting my regular doses of sunlight again since Sunday, I am feeling much better now with my sinuses and nose is not as sensitive anymore and my sneezing has gone down by 90%. 



He said we must have some form of exercise daily. It can be walking up the stairs, instead of taking the lift, when going up a building. It can also brisk walk in the neighbourhood or in the park… Yoga… Zumba… 

However, there is a time frame to exercise, depending on a person’s health ailment that he or she wishes to address. In my husband’s case, he needs to exercise between 11am to 1pm – for his lungs. 

So, I told my husband to go walk up some stairs during that time frame in his office, but I am not sure if he will do that. Lol! 

Both the sunbathing and exercising will induce our body to sweat copiously, which is very important for our health, because sweating removes toxins by as much as 70% from our body. He said we can also reduce our cholesterol by exercising. 


iced drinks

OMG! In this hot and humid tropical weather, an iced drink is so refreshing and thirst quenching! How can we do away with iced drinks? 

With difficulty, I must say! The TCM doctor says that when we are in a country with hot weather, we must drink hot or warm water. If we are in a cold country, we must drink cold water.

For example, when we are really hot and sweating and we have an iced drink, our body has to generate more heat to warm up the ice cold liquid in our stomach and intestines, and therefore, our body is going to feel even hotter. 

No wonder when I was in the US during winter time, having some ice cream while it was snowing actually made me feel warm and good, because my body was generating extra heat as a response to the ice cream being processed in my body. 

Hmmm…does that make any sense? Lol! 

Anyway, when the TCM doctor was treating my son-in-law, the doctor told him that he must have had many iced drinks, given the type of health ailments he had. The doctor was right….my son-in-law loves icy, cold drinks a lot and he had them very often. 



My new TCM doctor said it is of utmost important that we have a good frame of mind. A strong, positive mind. What goes on in our mind can cause our body to generate health problems or can heal our body.

I believe him.

I often refer to Louise Hay’s affirmations in her “How To Heal Your Life” book to relate what can go on in our mind, i.e. our thoughts, with our health issues. 

This is one of her beautiful affirmations for self healing :-

Good health is my divine right. I am open and receptive to all the healing energies in the universe. I know that every cell in my body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself. My body is always working toward perfect health. I now release any and all impediments to my perfect healing.


a man wearing a suit smoking a cigarette

Because my husband is a smoker, the TCM doctor told him to eat an orange every morning, right after brushing his teeth, before having breakfast. Not orange juice. The whole orange, minus the skin. 

He said the orange has Vitamin C and will be good for soothing a smoker’s throat and detoxifying his lungs of tar. 

So, for those of my family members that had gone to see that new TCM doctor, we have been following his advice as closely as possible. On Sunday, we all got out together to get some sunlight at 1pm, but we stayed out for only 10 minutes for the sun was too strong on our skin then. 

My son-in-law even walked my beagle in the neighbourhood for 15 minutes – he was getting both sunlight and exercise then. Lol!


Sleeping on the floor

Sleeping on the ground floor is actually very therapeutical in TCM!

But only if we sleep on the bare floor between 1pm to 4pm. During this time, the “dei hei” or “floor breath” will absorb “wind” or “fung” from our body for us. Wow, how cool is that? I always thought that sleeping on a cold bare floor will cause rheumatism or “fung sup” in our bones/body. 

So, the above are some interesting TCM health tips that I just learned from my new TCM doctor. You may just be as surprised as I was to hear about them. Lol! 

Take care and stay healthy! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 



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  1. 1

    Matt said,

    drinking iced drinks at 33 degrees Fahrenheit into body at 100 d. F. is a sudden & radical change for the body to withstand.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 5

    My husband and I just visited this TCM doctor for a second session and I have more information on the “sunbathing therapy” 💡 –

    5am to 8am – for digestive system

    9am to 12 noon – for kidneys

    1pm to 4pm – for liver

    5pm to 8pm – for digestive system


  3. 6

    Also, the TCM doctor emphasized that it is the iced drinks that are the worst for health, and fridge-cold drinks come in second.


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