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The Morning After……

Hi there, dear friends πŸ˜€

I am so glad to report that the morning after I had a field day of ecstatically happy emotions, I woke up early this morning Β still filled with happy feelings and the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams was playing continuously in my head! LOL!Β 

Yesterday, I wrote about Wow, I am deliriously happy now and feel like a superwoman – serotonin boost after taking DE?” and because “happiness” is such an elusive emotion for some of us, I had wondered if my “happiness” tank was going to fizzle out by today.Β 

Phew, it didn’t! As I am typing this, I am bobbing my head and tapping my feet to the song above – very contented that I didn’t suffer a crash of emotions Β and I am still happy today, albeit at a more mellow level, but nonetheless, still preciously good for me.

Although they say that happiness is a state of the mind, I would like to believe that my body is able to now efficiently synthesize serotonin and I have a more stable source of serotonin to “happify” my moods.Β 

Now, it is past noon already and I am soooo glad that Pharrell is still singing “Happy” in my head! Right, I am off to carry out more decluttering in my kitchen! LOL!Β 

With best wishes,

choesf πŸ˜€Β 

P.S. Hey, I feel like one of those “Jaegers” in the “Pacific Rim” movie and I had beaten the “Kaiju” monster of Crankiness & Irritability…hence, another of my favourite music is also playing in my head!Β 





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Wow, I Am Deliriously Happy Now & Feel Like A Superwoman – Serotonin Boost After Taking DE ?

(If music is not playing, click on mute button)Β 

Hi there, dear friends πŸ˜€

I can’t believe what I am feeling right now – I am so deliriously happy that I am literally singing in my heart!! This is coming from a 52-yearl old woman who feels like 32-year old now! Perhaps, this is how it feels like being a “spring chicken” and what they say about regaining the “fountain of youth” again? LOL!

I am trying to catch this moment and backtrack my way to see if I can capture the right “formula” to get a rush of happiness by writing about it here before I lose the happy moment, so just that I can get this mood again in future.

Some background first of all ===> almost 4 weeks ago, I started taking Diatomaceous Earth (DE in short and I wrote about it HEREΒ a few days ago) , which have many health benefits, among which are feelings of good mood and increased energy. Today, I experienced a boundless supply of both! Yippee!

What is serotonin? What does it do?Β  – Medical News Today


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The new love in my life, he’s just so cute and adorable ===> Maru

You’ll fall in love with Maru after you watch this video! πŸ˜†

More of Maru to love here! ===>

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Cute Petite Japanese Girl Eats 15 Plates Of Steak & 15 Plates of Curry Rice In 40 minutes!

Hi there, dear friends πŸ˜€

I love to watchΒ  “Star King,” a popular Korean TV show with a wide variety of entertaining acts by people from all walks of life.

Star King – Acrobatic Show

A few days back, Star King starred this amazingly petite Japanese girl, “Gal” Sone.” Weighing just 45 kgs (about 105 lbs), Gal Sone wolved down effortlessly 15 plates of steaks, 15 plates of curry rice and 15 servings of sushi in just 40 minutes! Wow! 😯

Find out more on Gal Sone and watch her video here ===>

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A Lil’ Boogie Oogie Oogie…

Ahhh….it’s sheer joy going down memory lane and remembering those days when I was a teenager! πŸ˜† It’s been a really hot day today and being the weekend, listening to my favourite retro songs is a wonderful way to relax and be happy! This is a really sexy song released in 1978 by the group, A Taste of Honey. It’s amazing how many songs from that era contain the slang, “boogie.” πŸ˜†

I also love “That 70’s Show” sitcoms which are simply hilarious ……. and so 70’s-ish! πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

Here are some bloopers from “That 70’s Show”. πŸ˜†

….and while we are still laughing, here is a really zany Japanese game show … πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

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For Cat Lovers Like Me

Good evening, dear friends πŸ˜€

While looking in YouTube for some good laughs, I came across this really cuuuuute kitten that made me go “Awwww…..I want to get a kitty just like that and hug it tightly!” πŸ˜†

Have a look ……

Sleepy Kitty

……and here are some cuuute “talking” cats!

Talking Cats

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My Name Is Earl


Good evening, dear friends πŸ˜€

One of the ways that I love most to unwind after a busy day is to watch some sitcoms on TV, for there is nothing like laughter to stimulate some endorphins in my brain to help me relax.Β  For a couple of years, I love watching “The 70’s Show” because these TV series were so remisniscent of the time when I was much younger! πŸ˜†Β  πŸ™„

Now, my favourite sitcom is “My Name Is Earl” because of two things – 1) the characters in it are so adorable (especially Earl and his dim witted brother, Randy), and 2) it talks about doing good and karma. πŸ˜€Β 

Just some background here for those of you not familiar with this TV series –

Earl Hickey is a ne’er do well without a job or a direction in life. Instead, he spends his days drinking beer, stealing whatever isn’t bolted down and being a leech on society. But when he wins the lottery of a lifetime, Earl thinks his luck may have just changed…until he’s hit by a car. As he recovers in a hospital bed, Earl realizes that maybe the reason why he’s there is because of a simple five letter word: karma.

For every rotten thing he’s done, a rotten thing comes right back to him; and the only way he can stop that is to make good for every bad deed. Having compiled a lengthy list of things he’s done to people, Earl sets out to right all the wrongs from his past. All of this on the promise that maybe, he can enjoy his fortune once and for all, but only if he can finish the list first. Aiding him is his lifelong best friend and brother, Randy and an ensemble of characters to assist, observe, amuse, berate, or are just there for Earl Hickey!Β  πŸ˜†

Here is a video on “My Name Is Earl” Bloopers :-

Good night! πŸ˜€

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