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Amazing Bian Stone Oil-less Gua Sha Therapy For Improving Vision, Healing, Hair Loss, Aches/Sprains, Face Sculpting/Firming, Anti-Aging, Detoxification, Removing Body Heatiness

My piece of Bian Stone

My  Bian Stone

Hi there, dear friends ūüėĬ†

I stumbled upon Bian Stones when I wanted to find the technique to Gua Sha for hair loss, as the hair on top of my head has been thinning for the past few years. 

I found a video that showed an 87-year old woman who had used Bian Stones Gua Sha to heal herself  from her deteriorating vision, which doctors said they could not treat. Not only did she regain her eyesight, her thinning and sparse hair grew back Р at a dark colour again! Wow!

It was not only the Gua Sha therapy that worked for her, but it was the use of Bian Stones, which have healing powers. The usual Gua Sha tools are made from buffalo horns and require the use of oil to lubricate the skin for scraping. 

Have a look at her video below (it has English subtitles) and see for yourself her health transformation – you will be amazed like I was!

Right away then, I ordered a Bian Stone through my nephew in Singapore. He, too, bought a Bian Stone to try and he also experienced its curative powers! He used it to scrape (Gua Sha) his often achy neck and upper shoulders due to slouching over his computer daily at work. 

So, what are Healing Bian Stones? 

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Nature’s Incredible Food Grade Amorphous Diatomaceous Earth (DE) That Is Good For Almost Anything >>> Hair Loss/Bald Spots, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Arthritis/Joint Pains, Weight Loss, Reduce Junk Food/Sweets Cravings, Baby Soft Buttery Skin, Parasites/Worms/Bacteria/Toxin Removal In Gut & Regain Your Fountain Of Youth?

Diatoms - microscopic view of ancient unicellular algae with hard shells made of silica

Microscopic view of ancient unicellular algae remains (called Diatoms) with hard shells made of silica

¬†***Read my latest post – “Wow, I am deliriously happy now and feel like a superwoman – serotonin boost after taking DE?”

This gentleman was bald six weeks ago! He has hair growing back now after taking 1 tsp DE daily

This 69-year old gentleman was bald six weeks ago! He has hair growing back now after taking 1 tsp DE daily

Source :- The Corvette Forum


Hi there, dear friends ūüėÄ

This is going to be my longest and most exciting article to date! 

Three weeks ago, I stumbled onto the amazing diverse health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) while reading up on Oil Pulling. I was so impressed by the wonders of what DE could do for humans that I spent everyday reading up as much as I could find on its testimonials.  

I had to look for testimonials from people through blogs and forums because Food Grade DE is more commonly used for livestock¬†and bugs control,¬†and there was hardly any scientific research to back up DE benefits on humans – mainly because it is ¬†Nature’s natural occurring element and it is not a potential drug that pharmaceutical companies can fund the studies to patent DE and make money out of it.

Because DE is of food grade and safe to give to animals for removing internal parasites and worms, people had also considered it safe to ingest DE for parasitic and worm elimination but in the process, they inadvertently discovered  many beneficial side effects on their health and bodies!! 

* Please note that I am not selling DE and that I am not being paid to write about it here, but I am just sharing with you what I found out about this latest health remedy.  Those of you that follow my blog would know by now that I am always very keen to pick up, research and test out natural health remedies. 

Last year, I wrote about “On A Quest To Reduce My Husband’s Dependency for ¬†High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol/Blood Sugar/ Uric Acid Medication” but unfortunately, my quest didn’t really work out for my husband because I was giving him too many herbal teas to drink and it was tedious to keep doing that daily. Most importantly, my husband didn’t give up his junk and fatty foods and drinks!¬†

But good news!! After having just ingested Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for 2 weeks, my family doctor had¬†reduced my husband’s high blood pressure medication! Instead of taking both Norvasc and Micardis daily, he now needs only to take Micardis – thanks to DE, his¬†blood pressure readings of around 115/75 to 122/80 recently were really healthy and stable!! ¬†Our doctor is monitoring the progress of my husband’s medication reduction and next month, my husband’s blood tests due then will reveal the status of his cholesterol, blood sugar and uric acid levels. We hope the DE will reduce them naturally, too!¬†

Not only did my husband’s blood pressure improved drastically, I also experienced the same effect! My blood pressure which usually hovered around 140/90 (except for that time when I was doing Lajin stretching, my blood pressure was lower around 125/82) even dropped as low as 106/72 after just one week of taking DE! Now, my daily readings range between 125/75 and 116/72 – I am so glad I need not go on any medication that my doctor was trying to put me on! Phew! ūüėĬ†

But what I was most ¬†happy ¬†among the wonderful effects I got from the DE was my receding hairline corners at my forehead temples have now filled up with baby hairs! My usual baby fine, limp hair is now so much thicker and for the first time last week to attend a wedding dinner, I didn’t even need to use any hair styling products to give my hair good shape….my hair looks good on its own now! Wow!¬†

Okay….this is going to be a lengthy post because I have so many praises to sing about DE, and so, I will lay them out in point form below. If you or you know anyone who are on medication or statin drugs or are suffering from joint/arthritic pains or have bald spots/receding hairline, go through the notes below for more information. I will post the links to where I got my information from as well as relate my family’s personal experiences there.

Then, do all the research that you need before deciding whether you are going to try ingesting DE or not…


Do read also ===> Human DE Use Testimonials¬†–¬†I had enjoyed reading them many times over! LOL!¬†


There is an interesting forum ===> “Health Results Of 4 Months Taking Diatomaceous Earth” ¬†– it has 51 pages of comments, scientific research and studies from April 2013 until September 2014¬†



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