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Take Advantage Of Mother Nature’s Wonderful Gift To Us – Drink Fresh, Young Coconut Water Often For Good Health!


A glass of refreshing fresh coconut water with pulp

A glass of refreshing fresh coconut water with pulp


Hi there, dear friends 🙂 

For the past one week, I had the type of heatiness known as “fire” heatiness (known in Cantonese as “for” for fire), usually caused from restless sleep or late in sleeping at night. This “fire” heatiness can be quite tricky to get rid of and the often recommended remedy from Chinese Medicine Shops would be to boil some ginseng root tea (“yeong sum soe” or “pow sum soe”). I was suffering from knee joint pains, increased heart rate, neck pains and a general feeling of restlessness, conditions that can be brought on by body heatiness. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there are many types of “heatiness” that can occur in one’s body (I won’t go into their complicated descriptions) and without consulting a Chinese Physician to determine the state of yin-yang of one’s body, it can be difficult to treat to treat heatiness on our own with the various Chinese cooling drinks. 

This morning, I was having brunch at a Mamak (Indian Muslim) restaurant restaurant with my husband when I noticed they have fresh green coconuts lined up at their drinks counter. Then it hit me! I could have kicked myself for forgetting the oldest remedy and most yummy remedy for body heatiness according to TCM ===> FRESH YOUNG COCONUT WATER

Young, green coconuts

Young, green coconuts

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Easy Green Mung Bean Chinese Dessert/Sweet Soup For Detoxification, To Dispel Body Heatiness, For Lowering High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, Clearing Acne



Hi there, dear friends! 😀

Yesterday, I was testing out blogging from my new iPhone and when I hit the “Publish” button, only the photos remained of this post – all narration was gone! LOL!  So, here is the update 💡 ===> 

This is a very classic, traditional Chinese sweet soup or dessert that uses the Green Mung Bean. It is not as popular as the other Chinese sweet soups (Tong Sui in Cantonese) but I do make it now and then as an easy method for countering body heatiness and for detoxification. 

A few years ago, a friend taught me an effective remedy for reducing high viral fever – take a handful of green mung beans and boil in 2 cups of water for about 15 minutes. Add half a teaspoon of salt and drink when cooled. The cooling property of the bean is magnified this way.

When I told an elderly aunt about this fever reducing remedy, she said when she was a young girl around 50 years ago, women would drink lots of this salted green mung bean water to prevent pregnancies whenever they had missed their period or their menses were late. 

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A Nutritious, Yummy, Guilt-Free Chinese Dessert That Packs A Lot Of Health Benefits – Pumpkin Barley Tong Sui

A bowl of hot pumpkin barley sweet soup

A bowl of hot, delicious pumpkin barley sweet soup

Hi there, dear friends 😀  

I first tasted this very delicious pumpkin barley dessert (aka sweet soup or “Tong Sui” in Cantonese) at my lady healer friend’s place two years ago. In addition to its great taste, this dessert is also very nutritional to us and packs a lot of health benefits!

My children love the pumpkin barley tong sui and I would usually make a large pot of it. We would have our first bowl piping hot. Then when the remaining tong sui has cooled, I would store the whole pot in the refrigerator and the tong sui is consumed cold over the next few days (3 days is the maximum). The iced, cold version tastes even better in the hot, hazy weather that we are experiencing in Malaysia now.

Here are the health benefits of the various ingredients used in the yummy Pumpkin Barley Tong Sui (the easy to follow recipe will come after that)  :-


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Eating The Healthy Way – Making My Own Sourdough Starter & Bread

Simple Ingredients To Make A Sourdough Starter - Pineapple Juice, Wholemeal Flour

Day 1 ===> Simple Ingredients To Make A Sourdough Starter – Pineapple Juice, Wholemeal Flour (click on picture to enlarge)


My first sourdough bread - not very pretty but extremely tasty

My first sourdough bread – not very pretty but extremely tasty

Hi there, dear friends 😀

I have been baking bread on and off for the past 12 years –  I got a bread machine as a farewell gift from my colleagues when I retired from the corporate world.  I just love the aroma of freshly baked breads wafting through my home, especially if I set a timer to the bread machine to start kneading the bread at 4am and I wake up to the smell of bread!  

However, my bread making skills are not very good – I can only make simple breads (white or wholemeal) and burger buns – it was easier to just buy the bread for my family 😳  …

Recently, my husband has been asking me many times to make sourdough bread but I have been putting off learning how to make the starter because it seemed like a long and tedious process to me.  

But after reading about the health benefits of eating sourdough bread, and how the sourdough starter can be used to make delicious waffles, pancakes, pretzels, pizzas, flatbread and muffins, too, I was all set to finally make my very first sourdough starter and bread. 

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My Total Cholesterol & Blood Sugar Went Down, Good HDL Cholesterol Up…After One Month On Master atan’s Dhealing Basic Blood Detoxification (Black Fungus Drink)


Hi there, dear friends 😀

Good news! I have finally got my blood tests results back and I can confirm that Master atan’s Dhealing Basic Blood Remedy has worked for me after consuming Black Fungus and oats for 1 month! Total cholesterol went down (from 6.2 mmol/L to 5.5) while good cholesterol went up. In addition, my blood sugar (from 5.4 to 4.5) went down, too! :vgood: :yp: :claphand:

My blood results are as follows for comparison (before and after following the 1 month Black Fungus blood detox) ===>

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Dried & Roasted Burdock Root Tea For Looking & Feeling Younger, Anti-Cancer, Improving Qi/Life Force Energy, Healing Liver, Anti-Aging, Hormones Balancing, Body Strengthening, Blood Purifying, Easing PMS/Menopausal Symptoms, Lowering Blood Sugars, Detoxification…

Dried, Roasted Burdock Root Tea

Dried, Roasted Burdock Root Tea

Hi there, dear friends 😀

I was first introduced to the exceptional health benefits of the Burdock Root (Gobo in Japanese, Ngau Pong in Cantonese, New Pang 牛蒡子 in Mandarin) when I was taught to make Tateshi Kazu’s Miracle Vegetable Soup  (which I had posted here in 2010) to help with my husband’s high blood pressure/cholesterol/urea acid and diabetes. Burdock root was one of the 5 ingredients in that soup.

I bought 3 burdock roots from my local market for only RM6-70 (USD2)

What got me really excited again recently  about using Burdock Root as a major healing food  was what I saw in a Korean health documentary show called, “Mysteries of the Human Body“. There was this Japanese doctor named Dr. Nagamo Yoshinori, a 58-year old doctor who looks 37 years old 😯 …and he showed the audience a photo of him taken 21 years ago, whereby he looked much older than now !

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Amazing, Inexpensive Jiaogulan (Gynostemma Pentaphyllum) Aka Immortality Tea 绞股蓝 – Good For Restful Sleep, Energy/Vitality, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Regulating Heart Functions, Digestion/Stomach Bloatedness, Stress/Anxiety, Anti-Cancer, Peri/Menopause, Anti-Aging

A rice bowl of healthy Jiaogulan Tea – see the whole tea leaves unfurled ? 100% natural and caffeine free!

Added on 11 October, 2012 – Please read my review of this tea here ===> “My Review Of The Jiaogulan Tea – It Can Really Help You To Lose Weight, Improve Complexion, Age Gracefully, Relax, Strengthen Body, Enhance Body Immunity/Health, Remove Peri/Menopause Effects, Restore Good Sleep, Give Energy!”

Hi there, dear friends 😀

Among all the herbs I had came across todate, this one impresses me the most!

For the past few years, whenever anyone in my family complained of not sleeping well, I would go to my local Chinese Medicine Shop and get this dried tea. It was recommended by that shop’s boss and I always forgot the name of the tea leaves or herb because he only gave me its Chinese name. 😳 

It was only last week when he gave me a few free satchets of that tea that I found out its name in English, and I could easily go look up the herb’s health benefits on the Internet…..and wow, what I found out really amazed and impressed me to no end!This is certainly one miracle herbal tea indeed! 😯

I stopped whatever herbal teas I was on before and I am now taking just the Jiaogulan Tea to test it out (please read my long-winded feedback in the comments box # 4 below). My youngest son who had complained of not sleeping well … well, he now sleeps like a log, has more energy and can concentrate more on preparing for his exams! 😀  

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