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Hi there, dear friends 😀 

Recently, I stumbled onto Solfeggio frequencies, which can be used as a unique sound therapy for healing purposes – physically, mentally or emotionally.  

The original Solfeggio scale was composed of six tones with the names of these original six sounds —> Ut, Re Mi, Fa, Sol, La –  they were the abbreviations of the first stanza (in Latin) of the famous Medieval Hymn “Ut queant laxis”, written by Paul the Deacon in the 8th Century A.D. for the feast of the birth of St. John the Baptist. 

But it was only in the past few decades that Solfeggio was “rediscovered” and found to have frequencies that can heal. Dr Joseph Puleo used the Pythagorean method of numeral reduction to find the mysterious 6 mathematical patterns encoded there, i.e. 396, 417, 528, 639, 741 and 852 as in the scale “Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La” respectively. 

The healing attribute properties of each scale and frequency are :-

Ut 396 Hz – for negative field energy release, e.g. fear and guild

Re 417 Hz – to allow and and create positive change

Mi 528 Hz – for transformation and miracles, to heal DNA (aka The Love Frequency)

Fa 639 Hz – for love and unity

Sol 741 Hz – for intuition and enlightenment

La 852 Hz – spiritual sight and awareness

How the frequencies work on us and our body is through vibrations. Many spiritual healers have resonated these 6 frequencies to our 6 body chakras as well.


There is even an article on how someone used Solfeggio Frequencies to clean polluted waters in the Gulf of Mexico during the BP oil spill  :-


For the past 5 days, I have been listening to music containing Solfeggio frequencies. There is a wide range of such music on Youtube, iTunes, and Spotify. Basically, I chose a  range of music with the frequency that I prefer, e.g.  the 528 Hz. Make sure that it says Solfeggio in the music. 

Here is my feedback …

While there are some people who debunked Solfeggio Frequencies and said they are a myth, it is up to our individual experiences to see if listening to them does heal us in any way. For me, I felt a sense of calm and tranquility while listening to the music. 

On the third day after I started on Solfeggio sound healing, I noticed that I wake up with more energy and an alert mind. I only take a teaspoon of DE in the morning but I was able to go about cleaning my house for 2 hours without having any breakfast and coffee. 

Before, I would need to have my coffee and breakfast and then rest some more before I can start carrying my daily household chores.

My mind is calmer these days and I was able to actually zip through my daily chores with ease and speed! 

But…the downside is, I noticed that I am finding it a little harder to fall asleep (my mind is still alert. Lol!) …and I am sleeping lesser hours at night. Despite the lesser amount of sleep I got, I still have a sufficient energy to do what I want the next day and I am not tired, which is good for me. Lol! 

Other than for myself, I also intended that the Solfeggio frequencies help energise well the  space in my home and help heal my dog and old cat as well. I find my pets are sleeping or relaxing more whenever I play the music. 

Here is an example of what I listen to on Youtube – the music is so beautiful!  

I will write in the next few days on another type of sound healing therapy, with wonderful feedback from my eldest daughter. She told me that she felt a lot of mental and emotional healing from that music, as she didn’t experience the usual Sunday or Monday blues, and her PMS moodiness went down drastically after listening to that music for the past 2 weeks. 

So, I will stop here and wish you all good health always! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 

P.S. Wow, I just counted the years – my blog will be 10 years old in September! Thank you so much to all my blog followers and supporters for being together with me all these years. 

To those newcomers here, please excuse the font in bold black, as I made that to be so for better contrast against the bright green background of my template. My initial followers had found it hard to read if the font was lighter. Lol!  😀 

** Another beautiful piece of healing music with the 528 Hz Solfeggio Frequency and the 40 Hz Gamma Binaural Beat —>


Hi there,  dear friends 😀 

As promised in my introductory article on Solfeggion Frequency Sound Healing, here is another piece of soothing music  that my family listen to. We had initially tried it at first with the intention of improving our sleep quality and we played it softly in the background while we slept (the music above goes on for 9 hours.) 

Here is some interesting feedback from some of us :-

1. the music made me more alert at bed time and I couldn’t fall asleep easily  (but my other family members fell asleep quickly) – so I listen to this during the day instead. It is playing now on my laptop while I am typing this away. Lol!  I find a great sense of peace, calm and  bliss in my heart as I listen to this beautiful music. 

2. My eldest daughter said that her PMS moodiness and Monday blues were much reduced, even though she has only listened to this music for a couple of weeks. I would think that we would have more healing as we listen to the music more. 

3.  As mentioned above, other than myself, my family fell asleep easier with the music on the whole night, and they woke up more refreshed and alert in the morning, i.e. they had good, deep sleep during the night, especially for my son-in-law.  He has a very stressful consulting job and works long hours during the day, and so the good sleep generated with this music certainly helps him a lot to de-stress. 

4. Because this music doesn’t make me sleepy, but it makes me alert instead, I play it during the day instead, like in the kitchen while I am prepping my food and cooking my meals – I noticed that I have better mental clarity and peacefulness, maybe even a Zen state,  and…  the food I cooked turned out even better and tastier, and the time spent in the kitchen passed by very quickly in a smooth manner. The improved mood of the chef certainly improved the quality of the food made! Lol!

I am tempted to ask my sons to try listening to the healing music meant for improving brain function and memory, to test it out for me on their studies, but then, they usually listen to their own type of “young people” music when they are doing their university assignments, and they may not like this kind of music.  But if I can get them to try out my recommended music, I will report their feedback here . 

One thing is for sure – I know my dog and cat simply love this music – they sleep even more, and my dog even snores more during the day !  Lol! 

Oh, another thing – I also play this music on my Bluetooth speaker near where I place my crystals when I am not wearing them  – to infuse the healing frequencies into the crystals so that their benefits for me are enhanced. Sort of like energising my crystals with healing music. 

Take care and do have a smooth, peaceful day! 

With best wishes,

choesf 😀 



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