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Your Lucky Dreams According To Auspicious Ancient Chinese And Indian Feng Shui Beliefs


**Note  – What do your numbers mean? —> Synchronicity & Messages in Numbers 

Good evening, dear friends 😀

Today, I was looking for a book when I came upon my old Tung Shu book, also known as “The Ancient Chinese Almanac”.

As I have been collecting many articles over the years on signs and omens, I decided to post here on auspicious and interesting intepretations  of dreams according to ancient Chinese beliefs and Indian Feng Shui for your interest. 😉

I have separated the dreams interpretation into 2 parts – the first one is from the viewpoint of the Chinese Almanac based on beliefs that date back 3,000 years ago,  while the second part is according to Indian Feng Shui or Vasthu Sastera, which is about 2,000 years old. 😉

The Chinese dream interpretation is based on  the writings of Chou Kung, the Duke of Chou, who was supposed to have lived c. 1020 BC, and he was reputed to have assisted in the compilation of the I Ching, one of the most ancient and mysterious of the divination books of China. The dream interpretations associated with him are well known and his name and its link has passed into the language in a number of ways. For example, a person who has been asleep will say that “he has gone to find Chou Kung,” a phrase that we commonly use to refer that we have been asleep and been dreaming! 😆

Check out now the dream references below and see if you have had any of those LUCKY dreams there before. Have fun and Good Luck! 💡


 Lucky Dream interpretations according to auspicious 3,000 years old  Chinese beliefs ===>

* If you dream of the sun or moon rising, then your family will be fine, prosperous, well educated and have important jobs.

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Declutter Your Home For Better Wealth, Career, Relationship, Health


Dear friends, 😀

Hehe, you must think that I talk a lot about decluttering and cleaning and cooking… 🙄 but when we look from the Feng Shui perspective, it is of utmost importance that we do a light decluttering occasionally, so that old, stagnant chi or energy can be removed and new, vibrant chi takes its place. Have you ever noticed how good you feel, both mentally and physically, after you have decluttered and cleaned up some sections of your home?

Here, I am going to explain a bit further on why we should never let clutter build up in our home because, in Feng Shui, that pile of clutter is going to have a negative impact on some aspects of your life! 😯

In the Life Aspirations Theory in Feng Shui, our home is divided into 8 sectors, with each sector signifying an important aspect of our life. For example, the Southeast sector means the WEALTH SECTOR for us. Now, if you have a lot of clutter in this part of your home, it is likely that you will face some problems with your wealth in terms of savings, expenses, money flowing out faster than it comes in, etc.

Below is a Life Aspirations Theory Chart, and some explanation on the various sectors of our home. When you understand how it works, I bet you will want to start decluttering those important sectors of your home! 😉


The eight aspirations are correlated with a direction.The magnetic orientation of the main entrance (a compass reading) determines the placement of the life aspirations map. In the example of the chart above, the front door faces South. So, the area at the entrance is considered as the South sector of the home. Or when you take a compass reading by standing at your doorway, looking outwards and it shows that your entrance faces East, then that sector of your house is considered the East sector.

Meanings of Sectors in our Home
East ===> Health. Activating and keeping the area in the East sector clean and tidy bring good health to the residents. The East also stands for longevity and descendant’s luck.

West ===> Children & Family. If the west side energy is kept harmonious, clean and active, the family stays in good spirit and strength.

South ===> Fame. The fame recognition sector when energized (by having some activities there, like spending some time cleaning and decluttering there) would assist and benefit the reputation, recognition, popularity and fame of the occupants. If you desire more monetary wealth you need to activate the fame area to be noticed. If you want a promotion you first need your boss to notice you. Also, if you want to increase your business sales you need clients to notice your company.This is definitely a favourable sector to energize for politicians, actors, singers, writers, models, or people that benefit from popularity and recognition. So, be sure this area is not cluttered up and no stagnant chi builds up slowly.

North ===> Career, Business. The career sector when energized would assist and benefit in the positive and smooth flowing of your career, for steady and solid growth in career as well. Stagnant chi and clutter means your career is going nowhere.

SouthWest ===> Love, Relationship, Marriage. The marriage and relationship sector when energized would stimulate smooth and positive flow of energy favourable for relationship and marriage prospects. Thus, this corner would be appropriate for those wishing for positive relationship and improving relationship, especially those not married. For married couples, sometimes marriage can be stressful and need much compromise; the activation of this corner can help in circulation of more positive and harmonizing relationship energy, South West is also a very important area; as it is the place of the matriarch of the family. Take care that this area of the house is always kept free from clutter.

SouthEast ===> Wealth/Money. The wealth and prosperity sector when energized would assist and benefit in the positive achievement, and accumulation of wealth and prosperity. Make sure this area is not obstructed by clutter and there is free, easy flow of good chi here.

NorthEast ===> Knowledge, excellent examination results of you and your children, i.e. this sector represents educational growth. This area is also good for meditation and spiritual growth.

NorthWest ===> Networking, Mentors, Friends, Helpful People Sector.This sector helps to bring in helpful people, the Chinese call them “Noblemen”, mentors, friends, to help you progress in your life. So, if you are into sales, and you need to ensure that you have got good networking circles, be sure this area is kept clean and active.

A light decluttering can simply mean that you are moving things around just a bit, like taking that pile of books off the shelf, giving them a good dusting, and then putting them back onto the shelf – there, you have moved the energy or chi around there. Or when you pull out your sofa set from the walls, give that area a good vacuuming and then push your sofa set back – that is also considered as refreshing the chi or activating the chi there. Move things around. A fresh coat of paint will also refresh the chi.

Do you remember the feeling you had when you moved into your newly rented or purchased home? When your new home is all clean and tidy, with fresh coats of paints on the wall, when you got there? Remember how good and fresh and vibrant the place felt to you?

For the Chinese, the welcoming of the Chinese New Year doesn’t just mean heralding the lunar New Year date, but we also welcome the wonderful, new chi/energy of the lunar New Year. But before the new chi can come into our homes, we need to remove all the old chi first, and that is when a few weeks before the Chinese New Year, you will see all Chinese families engaged in a frenzy of cleaning every part (and I mean literally every part!) of the home – the walls, the floors, all the furniture, even our cars, car porches, all get a good cleaning and wiped with water (water is a cleansing medium, too)….and on the eve of Chinese New Year, our homes are spotless!

Earlier this year, we had some European friends who joined us in this cleaning ritual, all the way up to preparing a Chinese feast for our New Year’s Eve Reunion dinner, and they had a lot of fun welcoming the new energies of the lunar New Year.

Next year, Chinese New Year will fall on February 07, and a few weeks before that, I will be embarking on my grand house cleaning activities, and I will blog about it here. So, if there are some you who would like to join me in decluttering your whole house then, we will have some fun together. I can assure you although the job will be very tiring, you will go to bed happy and fresh each night. Like the new chi that you will be bringing into your home as you clean along, you will feel lighter, brighter, more cheery and full of energy. Best is now that you understand what the Life Aspirations Theory on the various sectors of your home is, you will know that good things are being welcomed into your life as you declutter your home. 😉

Happy Decluttering! 😀

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Feng Shui In Disneyland


These days, people in many countries are learning to adopt Feng Shui principles for their homes and corporations………..even Disneyland is being “Feng Shui-ed” for properity in Hong Kong. The following is an excerpt from The International Herald Tribune way back in 2005, when the Hong Kong Disneyland was built :-

Disney bows to feng shui

Asian culture gets role at Hong Kong park

In building the new entrance to Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney executives decided to shift the angle of the front gate by 12 degrees.

They did so after consulting a Chinese feng shui master, who said the change would ensure maximum prosperity for the park. Disney also put a bend in the walkway from the train station to the gate, to make sure the flow of positive energy, or chi, does not slip past the entrance and out to the China Sea.

Following the advice of a feng shui master is one of many steps Disney executives have taken at the park to reflect Asian culture – and make sure they do not repeat some mistakes of the past.When Disney opened Disneyland Paris in what had been a sugar beet field near Paris in 1992, the company was roundly criticized for being culturally insensitive to its new European neighbors. In Hong Kong, Disney is including ritual incense burning as each building is finished, and it has picked what it was told is a lucky day, Sept. 12, for the opening.

The financial stakes are high: international growth is a key part of Disney’s expansion efforts. China is expected to become one of the world’s largest tourism destinations in the next 15 years, according to the World Tourism Organization. That bodes well for Disney, as Hong Kong itself is already in the top 15.

“It used to be Disney was exported on its own terms,” said Robert Thompson, a professor of popular culture at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. “But in the late 20th and early 21st century, America’s cultural imperialism was tested. Now, instead of being the Ugly Americans, which some foreigners used to find charming, we have to take off our shoes or belch after a meal.”

The dazzling visual effects and nods to cultural differences at Hong Kong Disneyland may seem like just marketing measures. One of the park’s main ballrooms, sure to will be used for Disney’s popular weddings, measures 888 square meters because 8 is a number of fortune, said Wing Chao, master planner for architecture and design for Walt Disney Imagineering.

In Chinese, 4 is bad luck, because it is pronounced like the Chinese word for death, so there are no fourth-floor buttons in the elevators at the Art Deco Hollywood Hotel, or other hotels in the park.

Cash registers are close to corners or along walls, where their placement is believed to increase prosperity. And in the park’s upscale restaurant, Crystal Lotus, Disney has installed a virtual koi pond where virtual fish dart away from guests when they walk on a glass screen.

The pond is one of five feng shui elements in the restaurant, including wood, earth, metal and fire, which glows on a screen behind bottles in the bar.

“We could not have real fire because of the fire code,” Chao said.

After the debacle at Euro Disney and, closer to home, problems with attendance at the California Adventure park in Anaheim, it is easy to understand why Disney would take such pains.

“I don’t know anything about fire and kitchens and where fire belongs and what doesn’t,” said Jay Rasulo, president of Disney’s theme parks and resorts.

Tourists sniffed at California Adventure when it opened in 2001, saying it looked more like a shopping mall than a theme park. In recent years, Disney added, at considerable expense, the Tower of Terror thrill ride and an attraction based on the animated film “A Bug’s Life.”

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Making Our Home Cosy


Good evening, dear friends 😀

A house or an apartment is a shell, a building really with compartments assigned into bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. But when we buy that house or apartment to live in, then it becomes our home. However, it is only when we put in our personal touches and love in decorating it that we turn it into our COSY home, making it our sanctuary, our refuge….

I remember reading somewhere that a way to measure how cosy our home feels to us is to take stock of how we feel when we are coming home, say about half a kilometre away from home – do we look forward to reaching home? We just can’t wait to reach home? Or ….. we just don’t really look forward to going home as we should?

How to make our home cosy? Everyone has got his or her own ideas in decorating a home but basically, there are just a few general guidelines to follow and you will have a cosy feel to your home. 😉

1) Make the first impression on the approach to your home warm and inviting

For example, when you are driving towards your home, how to you feel when you look at it? That should give you or your visitors a general “feel” of your home when viewed from afar. Does it look warm and inviting? This can be achieved by painting your house exterior a warm, gentle colour, by planting some small trees (I have 2 palm trees beside my car porch) and beautiful flowering plants, and some warm lighting at the car porch or garage.

For those staying in apartments or condominiums, you have limited space outside your main door but you can place some potted plants like yellow palms there, to give a warmer ambience there.

2) You should feel good when you enter your home

When we open our main door and step into our home, how do we feel? Do we feel comfortable and happy that we are home? What is your view from the door? It is absolutely important that the foyer should be warm and inviting to you – it should be uncluttered because clutter (like shoes left all over the place) will make you depressed if that is going to be the first thing that greet you at home! So, the view that greets you is very important…..this area should be lightly decorated and as spacious as possible, with an inviting feel to it. Warm colours and lighting play an important role here too. Personally, I like to have some potted plants and shrubs both inside and outside the doorway here as I love greenery.

There should not be any bad odours greeting you, e.g. smells from the shoes left in the open, something rotting in the house (like garbage that was not taken out earlier)….it would be good to have a bowl of potpourri with some nice fragrance at the foyer because the nice aroma can really uplift your mood when you enter your home. 😉

3) no clutter and obstruction

It is important that the pathways from the foyer to the rest of the house and in between rooms be unobstructed. The way we walk through our home is just like how energy will meander through our house. Make sure that the furniture is placed in such a way that there is a smooth flow around it – you don’t want a sofa to block your way from the kitchen to the dining table!

Clutter is the worst thing in terms of energy and how it affects us, because clutter really means stagnant, old chi or energy, and looking at clutter makes us moody and depressed because there is disorder there and we are procrastinating in clearing it. Best is to do decluttering now and then. Organize our stuff into beautiful baskets, boxes and cabinets, i.e. put those junk away from sight! 🙄

4) put our love and care into our home

A home best reflects the occupants in it, and to make our home cosy is really to put in all our love and personal efforts in decorating it, in taking care of it, and spending time together in it to make it warm and inviting. It is the human chi or energy that can also have an effect on the quality of chi or energy flowing in the house. A home is the most cosy when there is happiness there…..the brightest and warmest when it is full of of children’s giggles, adults’ laughter and all their joy! 😀 Put loving photos and favourite things to decorate around the living room.

5) A fireplace 😆

Hehe, this is my husband’s and my favourite thing to have in a living room to make it very cosy but it is too bad that we live in the tropics as it is just too ridiculously hot to have a fireplace! 😆 But personally, I think a fireplace will make a living room very cosy…especially in the cold months. Hmmm…nothing like roasting marshmallows at the fireplace in winter…. sigh…. 😆

6) Cook

I always feel that the smell of cooking wafting through our home is the most wonderful thing to consider as cosy. 😀 It doesn’t matter if you can’t really cook…..even the smell of eggs sizzling in a hot pan in the morning is such a wonderful aromatic experience. Many times, I can smell what my neighbours are cooking and the aromas can uplift my mood just like that. Imagine the smell of apple pie coming from your oven…..or the smell of coffee percolating in your kitchen. Yummy! But…be sure to throw open the windows to let in some fresh air later…………we don’t want any stale cooking odours in our home. It is good also to have some aromatherapy so that there will be a wonderful scent in your home.

7) Furnishings, Lighting, Colours

Layer your beds and sofas with sumptuous throws and layers of cushions. The simplest of lightings can change the ambience in a room…go for soft, warm lighting instead of fluorescent. Same thing applies for the colours of the rooms…go for colours that best suit the rooms or your liking……make sure that they are soft, pastel colours. But then, some people like stark, dark colours like red and black…..

To find out more on the colours that you may like to use for your rooms, read this ===>  Recommended Colours For Feng Shui At Home

8 ) Feng Shui

We can apply Feng Shui in our home to remove or soften negative chi or energies generated by “poison arrows” created internally and externally of the home environment, e.g. sharp corners of walls/buildings/t-junctions at roads/lamp posts, etc.  In Feng Shui, Poison Arrows or “Sha Chi” or “Killing Breath” destroy the chi or energy in their paths and can be detrimental to the residents. When the home Feng Shui is good and harmonized with the environment, the atmosphere of the home will improve and felt to be much comfortable….and not so “uneasy” as before.

Cheers to your cosy home! 😀

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Feng Shui Magic?

Good morning, dear friends 😀

Ah, this morning, the weather is much cooler than last week, which was extremely hot and humid. So, despite it being a Monday (cos I’m the type that gets the Monday blues :roll:), I am quite relxed and happy to start off this week, and I am having a cup of hot cereal drinks and Jacob’s crackers for breakfast and reading some stuff on the comp.

Then I remember an incident that happened to me, which I could only attribute it to feng shui magic, and not to mere coincidences. Why? Because really the effects of correct feng shui placements and practices are usually felt when we feel good with certain things, or when things just seem to fall into place, when good things happen just like that, or bad things that could turn out in the best of ways…….and the list goes on….  As long as we have faith in our feng shui placements, be patient and give them time to work…..feng shui is bound to improve the quality of our life.  😉

Here is my story which happened early last year and which I had posted at the Dhealing Feng Shui forum  :-

Hi, all. I have a strange yet funny experience to tell members here. I can’t think of any reason why it turned out this way except that it must be due to fengshui. I have always believed that good fengshui placements actually help us to negotiate the ups and downs of our life as smoothly as possible.

A few months back, I had parked my car in legal spot at a parking lot, paid the parking fee,  and then gone into a building right next to it to pay my electricity bill. Having finished the transaction in 10 minutes, I left the building and went to my car only to find it blocked behind illegally by another car, whose inconsiderate driver was nowhere to be seen. The driver has just dumped the car there! 😯 

I couldn’t drive out of my parking space, and I needed to go elsewhere urgently to pay my other utility bills.  I sounded my horn just to inform the said driver that I needed to drive out and waited for someone to come out. After having waited for 5 minutes, still the driver didn’t appear. 

Now, this is sheer  inconsideration and rudeness of that driver…..  I was starting to get angry  because it was hot and I’m stuck there. I had no choice but to keep blaring my car horn for another 3 minutes and everybody was staring at me by this time. Shocked

Finally, a  lady turned up and I told her off, saying the she’s such an inconsiderate person blocking me like that. She could have easily parked at a multistorey carpark located 2 minutes away, but she was too lazy to even bother, I guess! 🙄

She didn’t even apologise for her behaviour, didn’t even look at me but instead, she just removed her car away from mine but went to block another car instead instead and parked there. 🙄  I shook my head in utter disbelief at her terrible attitude and I quickly left the place.

Because of this bad experience, I decided to go home to have my lunch instead and  2 hours later , went to a bank further away to pay my mortgage loan. This bank  was situated in a tall office building with a multi storey carpark but I managed to find a spot right in front of the building lobby on the ground floor.

After paying my loan on the 3rd floor, I was waiting for a lift to go down when suddenly, I noticed that the inconsiderate  woman driver that had blocked my car earlier had also gone into the same office as me and was right there in the same lift lobby as me!! Waiting for a lift to go down. What a coincidence!  😯
By now, I wasn’t angry with her anymore but I decided to stand very near her. She recognised me and she was looking quite embarassed and was fidgeting around in her handbag. We took the lift down and all this while, I was purposely standing behind her and sort of “breathing down her neck.” 😉  😆
I know, it’s very un-Buddhist of me but this was like an opportunity to remind  her that if she had not done anything wrong, then she has nothing to be guilty or scared of. 😆 I thought that it was my  sheer good luck that I bumped into this woman and that opportunity had presented itself to me. 🙄 

Anyway, after coming out from the lift, I had to go to one of the many Autopay machines located in the building to pay my parking ticket and guess what? Again, I found myself lining up just right behind this woman at the same machine. Wow, this is the second time that I had bumped into her – another coincidence indeed! I could feel her discomfort and she probably thought I was stalking her! She quickly paid her ticket and walked off.After I had paid for my parking ticket, I went to my car. Guess what??

Hehe, this woman’s car was parked right next to mine and she was taking something from the back seat of her car!!  She stood up, saw me, and went pale! I just gave her a stare (just to scare her a little bit more :oops:) before getting into my car and drove off.

I told my family about bumping into this inconsiderate woman so many times and what are the chances of seeing her another 3 times at a different place and different time. 😯 My husband said this woman probably learned the lesson of her life and will never block another person’s car in the future!!  😆

Now, was that due to  sheer coincidence? Or fengshui magic?  😉

Have a smooth and wonderful day today!

choesf 😀

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Colours For Feng Shui At Home

Dear friends, 😀

Further to my post on what is feng shui, I would like to show an aspect where fengshui and chi can be applied in our homes to improve various aspects of our life. This was excerpted from a posting by the Master at this feng shui forum –

Place the colors green, black, and red in the east part of your home. That is where the sun rises at your house. Put images of the following in this area also: streams, trees and fish ponds. Adding a plant or organic accessories, with bright lights will be good to add to this area.

Children and the Family:
This is the area that the sun sets in your house. This is the west. The best colors to use for this area is white, dark blue and yellow. Family photos, toys, awards, crystals, stones and round shapes go great in this area.


This is the south part of the home. This could also represent the area of the home that gets the most natural sunlight all day. Colors are red and yellow. This is a place to put objects that represent you. Photos of yourself, your awards and trophies. Wood objects, and electrical appliances are good for this area. If you do not have a place in your home that gives out natural sunlight then you can create your own with lights and heat.


Business or Career:
This is in the north end of your home or near the main entry. Use dark blue, white, black or gray colors here. Place irregular shapes and metals like gold, copper and bronze. This is the area that putting your phone, desk and computer is good.

The farthest right-hand corner from the entry of any room or the southwest of the house. Use earthy colors like brown and yellow, or the Fire colors such as pink and red. Metals and stones are great. You can also put crystals, romantic objects and photos and still water in this area.


The southeast or the far left of the entry of any room. Use the colors green, red or black. Accessories to use are round-leaf plants. To add to the plant or pot tie a red ribbon around it. Place three coins under your plant. Items to keep out of this area are coffee pots, storage items, electrical appliances and pointy plants.


Travel and friends (networking):
This is in the northwest. This is where you can place your luggage, travel posters and brochures. Other accessories can include angel items, rocks, or crystals. The best colors to use are silvery white, light blue and turquoise.

This is in the northeast. The best colors are white, gray, red, yellow and brown. Use earthy materials and metals. This is a good place for books, notebooks, computers and an office with all the equipment.

Just keep in mind to arrange furniture for coziness, comfort and good conversation. Achieve this by making sure there is empty space for Chi to flow.

© Julie Holycross 2001

May you live long and prosper!

choesf 😀

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How does feng shui improve our life?

What is feng shui (pronounced as “fung shway”)? It is an ancient Chinese philosophy of nature that uses the placement of space and movement of energies called “chi” or “qi” in Chinese and “ki” in Japanese. Feng shui is often identified as a form of geomancy, divination by geographic features, but it is mainly concerned with understanding the relationships between nature and ourselves so that we might live in harmony within our environment.

Chi is an energy that is constantly flowing everywhere. This energy symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us. Whenever chi finds obstacles for circulating we will notice it since it will directly affect our lives. Our life quality can diminish or be improved depending on the way chi flows in the environments we inhabit.

This way, a person who feels upset or depressed should pay attention to the chi flow around and within his house. When we are feeling ill or like our life is not flowing as it should, this might be due to chi circulation problems. By spotting the obstacles that may not allow chi circulate freely and then ending up with them, we will be bringing the right fluidity to chi and to our lives along with it.

Depending on the way objects are placed and distributed within environments (outside or inside our homes) , they would help or block the natural chi circulation. Therefore, we need to make sure they are placed in the correct way and that is what feng shui does. Feng shui can be applied to improve our quality of life, our career, our health, our wealth and our relationships, However, it is very important to note that feng shui (or Earth Luck) only accounts for 1/3 of our luck in this life, the other 2 portions being Heaven Luck (based on your time and date of birth) and Man Luck (which is your own efforts in your endeavours) but at least, you can manipulate this area to make your life better in addition to working hard.

Although the ideas date back at least 3,000 years, yet a growing number of architects and decorators are integrating feng shui ideas with contemporary building design. Most buildings in Hong Kong like the HSBC Bank and Standard Chartered Bank have their designs in compliance with feng shui rules, although these banks have their origins in England.

Feng shui is related to the very sensible notion that living with rather than against nature benefits both humans and our environment. It is also related to the equally sensible notion that our lives are deeply affected by our physical and emotional environs. If we surround ourselves with symbols of death, contempt, and indifference toward life and nature, with noise and various forms of ugliness, we will corrupt ourselves in the process. If we surround ourselves with beauty, gentleness, kindness, sympathy, music, and with various expressions of the sweetness of life, we ennoble ourselves as well as our environment.

Learning the guidelines to feng shui can be very complicated. Thus the reason why successful Chinese business owners will hire a Feng Shui Master to help design the layout of a business property in order to ensure the success of their business. Feng Shui is also becoming very popular in the Western countries as people are seeing very rewarding results by utilizing feng shui techniques.

May you have prosperity, good health and peace always! 😀

choesf :D

Added on 27 Dec, 2007 – PLEASE READ THIS POST to find out how you can use Feng Shui to improve your life and make the new year 2008 a success for you. Happy New Year!

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