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Using local Malaysian plants for health and detoxification – Natural herbal remedies

Happy Weekend, dear friends 😀

Wow, so many things happened in the last couple of weeks, mainly circulating the health issue. My husband has a relapse in his pinched nerve problem (I think it’s called herniated cervical discs) and basically, his cervical discs C5 to C7 were compressing on his spinal gel, thus pressing on his nerves there and giving him unbearable pains. I’m glad to say that this problem is almost over with some prescription medicine from his orthopaedic surgeon. After an MRI was taken of my husband’s cervical spine, the doctor said if the pain comes back from the pinched nerves, the next and only option was to go for surgery to correct the problem.

Hearing this, I was very worried because I never like the idea of surgeries unless they are absolutely necessary and in my husband’s case, as the surgery involves his spinal area, there is a risk of paralysis happening. Therefore, we decided to consult some Chinese physicians to counter this pinched nerve problem and I was on a quest on learning more herbal plants that can be used to prevent this pain from happening to my husband. The Chinese physician told my husband that his blood is full of toxins and that he needs to lose 20 pounds off his weight and all his health problems would go away.

In my quest for a healthier life, I am also learning what sort of plants can be used for detoxifying and these plants are a cheap and easy alternative, in addition to my husband embarking on a fitness/exercise regime.

What my Feng Shui Master (who is also a a healer and good with using local plants for health) taught me was this plant called in Cantonese – “Por See Yip” or “Lam Fei Yip” – in English translation “Persian Leaves” or “South African Leaves”. Well, because it is so excellent in treating many ailments, I have given it a nickname myself – “Magic Plant.” 😆

It really grows easily and its health benefits are :-

1) reducing cholesterol

2) reducing urea acid

3) reducing wind or flatulence

4) balancing blood pressure

5) countering insomnia as it promotes good sleep at night

6) reducing high blood sugar levels

7) reduce fat and helps us to lose weight

8 ) remove other toxins from our body

Below are a close-up picture of these leaves and a picture of how the plants look like :-

Added on 01 August , 2012 – Thanks to John Ong (Comment # 131 below), we now know the actual name of this plant (in both the pictures above). Scientific name: Gymnanthemum amygdalinum [Family: Asteraceae]
Synonym: Vernonia amygdalina
Common name: Bitter Leaf, Vernonia Tree, Pokok South Afrika aka Pokok Bismillah
Chinese name: 扁桃斑鸠菊, Lam Fei Yip, Por si Yip

Actually, a number of our joint pains can be attributed to urea acid crystallization at the bone joints, and the plant below is especially good for removing urea acid and for detoxification –

Added 16 Nov, 2010 – this plant is known as Sam Kar Pei (in Cantonese)

Acanthopanax Trifoliatus L. Merr.

Uses :-


    1. 感冒发烧骨痛Colds, fever, bone pain
    2. 风湿关节痛,腰腿痛Rheumatic arthralgia, lumbago
    3. 胃痛,肠炎Gastric pain, enteritis
    4. 黄疸,胆囊炎,胆石症Jaundice, cholecystitis, gall stone
    5. 白带,尿路结石Leucorrhea, urinary tract stone.
      外用治铁打损伤、湿疹。每用1至2辆,水煎服;外用适量鲜根、叶捣烂敷或煎水洗患处。External use in traumatic injury, eczema, boils and pyodermas. Use 30-60gm. Prepare as decoction. Macerate fresh roots and leaves for topical application, or boil in water for washing.


Recipe for Magic Plant Detoxifiying Drink for health –

Ingredients (for 1 person for 1 week):

14 to 18 large (they are about 5 to 6 inches long) leaves of Magic Plant (larger, mature leaves have less tannin)

9 leaves of Tri Leaf Plant (optional as this plant is harder to find)

2 litres water


Just bring the ingredients to a boil and simmer for at least 2 hours. Can be kept refrigerated to last a few days to a week.

Dosage – take a cup or 250 ml of this Magic Drink once in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach for better absorption. 💡

Warning – this drink is extremely bitter 😯 but the health benefits of this drink is well worth its terrible taste! 😆 Also, if you are on any other medication, please allow at least 2 hours apart between taking this detoxifying drink and the medication.

The Magic Plant is not a normal plant in any home’s garden and you have to look out for it. It grows up on a single, sturdy stalk without any branches or stems extending from the stalk, just leaves.

I found some growing outside the compound of a temple and with the kind permission of a lady there, I was able to cut some stalks of the Magic plants to grow at home. Just remove the leaves, dry them in the sun and they can keep for a long time. The bare stalks can then be planted preferably in the ground and they will grow easily from there. If you are staying in an apartment with no garden to grow them, they also do well in large pots.

I have to go take my dinner now and I will be right back later to write about the Chinese “Ghost Festival” and doing prayers for our ancestors in my next post.

I wish you good health and good energy! 😀

With peace and joy,

choesf 😀

Added on 26 November, 2014 ===>

Finally! I stumbled upon a pot of Sambung Nyawa (scientific name – Gynura Procumbens) at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail market, and I bought it to plant at home. I have tasted Sambung Nyawa and confirmed that Sambung Nyawa is not Lam Fei Yip/South African Leaf aka Magic Plant above. Sambung Nyawa is not bitter at all and while it smells almost fruity, it tastes like a hard piece of lettuce (to me). The leaves are also thicker and have more texture than the Lam Fei Yip. 

Here are the pictures I took of Sambung Nyawa ===>

First leaves from my small plant for tasting

First leaves from my small plant bought from the market for tasting

My repotted Sambung Nyawa which has grown larger and greener

My repotted Sambung Nyawa which has grown larger and greener. Sambung Nyawa has a purplish stem


Sambung Nyawa leaves plucked a few days ago, about 3-inches long

Sambung Nyawa4


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