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Karmic Debts Ceremony – A FREE Prayer on Vesak Day 05 May, 2012 by Master atan

Hi there, dear friends 😀

This year, Master atan has a new spiritual prayer service that he is offering for FREE and anyone of any religion who believes in karma is most welcome to join.  I have copied here the information from his FORUM :-

Master atan Refine Spiritual Technique – Karmic Debts Ceremony – 2012

I feel this is a good time to perform a Karmic Debts Ceremony, for many of you who follow me will stand a good chance to benefit greatly from this unique refine spiritual technique. It requires you to use your own good karma to resolve, reduce or remove your bad karma. When this happens, then good things can flow to you properly and correctly. :vh:

What is karma :?:

Karma is natural law, not a moral law. Any thought or deed causes an effect and can be called karma. Thus, wherever there is a cause, there an effect must be produced. The law of karma is the law of causation.

1. In Western countries ~~~ Karma is like, “What you Sow is what you Reap.”

2. In India ~~~ Karma is a law which maintains that for every act done, no matter how insignificant, it will eventually return to the doer with equal impact. Good will be returned with Good; Evil with Evil.

3. In China ~~~ there is a saying – “Plant beans, get beans — Plant melons, get melons.”

The question is – how to get good karma for this purpose :?:

Here are some ways where your good karma can come from :-

1. Use Dhealing Feng Shui techniques – you gain good karma.

2. Use Dhealing Spiritual techniques – you gain good karma.

3. Many who donated to the above two ceremonies or to the Dhealing management will gain much good karma, and

4. Gain more good karma by donating to the Karmic Debts Ceremony.

5. The donations collected for this ceremony will go directly to Rose ( Dhealing moderator – Rozalia of Romania ). Despite her having a stroke a couple of years ago and still recovering from it, she had selflessly given (and still is giving) many people here and those that came to her in her life much hope and happiness. Many of her Prayer listings for members and friends were answered – some were even like miracles. As such, with this special technique I am using, those who donate to the Karmic Debts Ceremony will generate even more good karma from that kind act.

6. some acts of kindness, charity, generosity, merits that you have done in the past

** Notes **

1. Please be informed that this technique will only work for those who believe in karma.

2. One can only use his or her own good karma for himself or herself and not for others. As such, we will require individual usernames or nicknames for the prayer listing.

This Karmic Debts Ceremony is a FREE spiritual service – anyone who believes in karma can join. :vh:

I will perform this refine Ceremony on Vesak Day,  5th May 2012.

Master atan

Master atan’s Karmic Debts Ceremony Name List 2012.

To join, you can put your names/nicknames/usernames here and I will list them for you at Master atan’s FORUM.

All DONATIONS received for this ceremony will go towards forum Moderator, Rozalis (more commonly known as Rose) as she is a stroke victim and she is living by herself in Romania.  😀

With best wishes,

choesf 😀


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