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Natural Pesticide Made From Lemon Grass

Natural Pesticide Made From Lemon Grass Extract

Natural Pesticide Made From Lemon Grass Extract

Good afternoon, dear friends 😀

I always get paranoid whenever I find ants or cockroaches crawling all over the place at home because once they start coming, it would be hard to get rid of the problems because they leave trails behind to tell their whole village to come! 🙄  Although I have a pest control company that comes twice a year to spray some chemicals to repel pests, I don’t really like the chemicals because I am worried that my two cats and dogs may get poisoned somehow and I always developed skin itchiness after a pest treatment.

Therefore, I have been looking around for a natural remedy that works really effectively. I have tried so many ways to prevent the ants and cockroaches from coming – I know, the best way is to be very clean and keep food bits away, but when I have 4 kids who loves candies, cookies and chocolates, it gets pretty tedious after a while. 😆

I have tried using fresh pandan leaves placed in my kitchen cabinets as a cockroach deterrent, but after a while, it is like the cockroaches got smarter and they came back. I have used dish detergent to draw lines or borders to prevent ants, but after a day or two, they, too, would be back…..via a different and longer route, which I have to trace back to their original entry. I don’t like to use insecticide sprays because as a Buddhist, I am not supposed to kill living things – ants included. That’s why I get so worked up when I see ants as I would be caught in a dilemma in stopping the ants somehow.

So, when I found this bottle of lemon grass extract that claims to be a natural pesticide for ants, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes flies and even rats, I just had to buy it….although I had my doubts but I was game to try it anyway.

Wow, it really works so far in stopping the ants from coming and although the ants were smart and came back via other routes, I just need to find out where they are coming in and spray this lemon grass extract (which is diluted with 10 parts water to one part extract) along their paths……and Voila! No more ants! Needless to say, I can sleep better these days, knowing that my ants problems are over. 😉

The lemon grass extract gives out a very refreshing, citrus scent which I really like, too. 😀

Note – I am not being paid to talk about this product but thought you may be interested in a natural pesticide to use for your home. It is produced by a company in Malacca and I bought this bottle from the Tesco Hypermarket in Shah Alam. So, head on there if you want to try this out yourself. 😉


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