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Health Tips From My New TCM Doctor —> Of Sun, Exercise, Iced Drinks, The Mind, Smokers, Sleeping On The Floor

Hi there, dear friends 😀 

I thought the health advice given by my new Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor recently was fascinating enough to share with you. Lol!

I was introduced to a new TCM doctor, who specialises in applying acupressure as treatment for one’s health ailments and/or sprains/injuries. I like him – he was a very positive person and he gave me a lot of health tips as he was applying acupressure on the meridian points of my body to heal me of my chronic sinus problem and to balance my health. 

Listed below are what he taught me, from his school of TCM  💡 –


He said that we must get some sunlight daily – around 30 minutes of exposure to the sun is very beneficial to our health. However, the best time to go under the sun is from 12 noon to 4pm.

He was right – for the past few months, I have not been getting under the sun as much as I used to with doing gardening…and my sinusitis got worse.   I was indoors being a “Puteri Lilin”…hahaha!

Candle princess’ (Malay: Puteri Lilin): Someone who can’t stand being in the sun because she’d melt, just like a candle.

The dust generated during my house repairs and renovations also triggered allergies in me – I was sneezing like crazy even when I was cutting onions, when there was a difference in the environment temperature, like from an airconditioned room’s coolness to the normal hot tropical temperature, or vice versa.  

After I started getting my regular doses of sunlight again since Sunday, I am feeling much better now with my sinuses and nose is not as sensitive anymore and my sneezing has gone down by 90%. 



He said we must have some form of exercise daily. It can be walking up the stairs, instead of taking the lift, when going up a building. It can also brisk walk in the neighbourhood or in the park… Yoga… Zumba… 

However, there is a time frame to exercise, depending on a person’s health ailment that he or she wishes to address. In my husband’s case, he needs to exercise between 11am to 1pm – for his lungs. 

So, I told my husband to go walk up some stairs during that time frame in his office, but I am not sure if he will do that. Lol! 

Both the sunbathing and exercising will induce our body to sweat copiously, which is very important for our health, because sweating removes toxins by as much as 70% from our body. He said we can also reduce our cholesterol by exercising. 


iced drinks

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Simple Delicious Mint Soup To Remove “Wind” In Body


Good evening, dear friends 😀

After I posted the nutritious Watercres Soup, I remembered that my healer lady has taught me a simple soup that helps to remove “wind” from our body.

Sometimes, our stomach is not working effectively in digesting food, or we eat too much food that causes bloatedness like beans, cabbage and as a result there is bloatedness or “wind” buildup in the stomach, all the way down our digestive tract. Even stress can lead to this problem when our  digestion gets affected.

Symptoms of this wind in our body are some funny sounds (not rumbling from hunger :roll:) coming from our digestive system, mild cramping in stomach, or when you knock lightly on your abdomen, there is a hollow sound like playing a drum. In children, the sign of them having a lot of wind in their body is when the whites of their eyes are bluish in colour.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), if left untreated, the “wind” can even spread to other parts of our body and cause other illnesses, like joint pains, headaches/migraines that won’t go away despite taking the right medication, lethargy. Once this “wind” problem is removed, then a person would feel more energised and alert.

In my case, last year I kept having tension headaches and I thought I was feeling “heaty”, and despite taking a lot of “cooling” drinks/soups to balance my health, my headaches persisted. After having gone to consult this healer lady, she said that my headaches were due to “wind” in my body and she recommended that I make this easy Mint & Egg Soup to get rid of the wind. Wow, my headaches were gone the next day, when I made this soup to drink! This soup is good for maintaining the health of our body as well. 😉

Mint & Egg Soup (for 1 person)

Ingredients –

2 cups of fresh mint leaves

2 eggs, beaten lightly

2 cups water (you can add in chicken or ikan bilis stock if you like)

1 tbsp chopped garlic, or sliced ginger (your preference)

salt and pepper to taste

Method –

1) Heat up 1 tbsp of oil in a wok or non-stick pan. Fry garlic or ginger until golden and fragrant.

2) Put in the mint leaves, stirfry for 1 minute and then put in the beaten eggs. Stir lightly until it becomes an omellete.

3) Add in the water or stock and break up the omellete.

4) Bring to boil for 2 minutes or so, then season to taste.

5) Serve immediately. You can have have this soup on its own for lunch (that’s what I did), or have a bowl of hot, white rice to go with that. 😉

Bon Appetit! 😀

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Chrysanthemum Tea for Heatiness, Sore Throats, Headaches

Good afternoon to all here, 😀

Other than my usual caffeinated teas, I also have a few types of flower teas that I like to drink for health purposes. My favourite one is the Chrysanthemum Tea and most people here in Malaysia just like to boil the flowers for a few minutes and then add sugar to make it into a drink. It is available at most coffee shops and herbal tea stalls.

The calories are almost zero if you don’t add any sugar or honey into the chrysanthemum tea, and best is, it does not contain any caffeine.

This tea is especially good for those symptoms that we have like sore and throbbing gums, slight toothaches, tension headaches, gummy eyes, because according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these signs point to heatiness in our body, and the Chrysanthemum Tea is good for the internal “cooling” of our body. This is recommended whenever we have had too much fried, baked and barbequed foods. Children are often encouraged to drink this once in a while for maintenance of good health.

For me, I like to savour and enjoy this flower tea at home just as I would my usual black and green teas. This “recipe” was taught to me by a TCM expert, and for maintenance of health, you can have this Chrysanthemum Tea once or twice a week. The ingredients are not expensive at all (hehe, my Earl Grey and Chinese Green Teas cost much more) and this tea is so easy to prepare.The ingredients can be found in any Chinese Medical/Herbal Shops in SE Asia or in Chinatowns in the West. Or you can purchase them over the Internet. Later on, I intend to have my own online store and by then, the ingredients for all my recipes here will be readily available. 😉

Make a pot of this flower tea during those cold rainy or cold wintry days, curl up in your favourite sofa and read your favourite book…..ah, this is just “hygge” (wonderfully relaxing joy) as my Danish sister has taught me! 😀

Healthy Detoxifying Chrysanthemum Tea Recipe

* 3 tbsps of dried chrysanthemum flowers (Kook Fah in Cantonese)

* 1 tbsp of Chinese Wolfberries (Gei Ji in Cantonese)

* 3 slices of Chinese Licorice Slices (Kam Choe in Cantonese)

Method – Add the ingredients above into a tea pot and pour 500 ml hot water. Let stand for 5 minutes and then slowly sip and enjoy this wonderful, golden, and slightly sweet taste of chrysanthemum tea. When the tea pot is empty, you can pour more hot water to brew it a second round, but the flavour will be lesser. 😉

I have put some information below on the respective ingredients so that you know better how this Chrysanthemum Tea works :-


Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers

With its sweet, light and refreshing flavour, chrysanthemum flowers are highly regarded as a detoxification herb in Chinese medicine. It helps to clear heat and toxic materials which have accumulated within the body. This tea is a must for office workers in closed environments, as well as seasonal allergy sufferers. Regular consumption aids in the removal of toxins trapped in the lungs as well as breakdown of mucous formation. Chrysanthemum flowers also make a great rinse for red, swollen and irritated eyes.


The wolfberry is actually a member of the family solanacea, and it grows wild on bushes found in the northwest part of China. The Chinese people have been growing the wolfberry for thousands of years, both for its pleasant taste and its strong nutritional value and role in traditional medicine. Other health benefits of the wolfberry included the ability to strengthen the liver, the kidneys and the eyes, as well as the ability to nourish the blood.


The most frequently used herb, the second most prescribed herb in China. Chinese licorice, moderates and harmonizes the characteristics of other herbs. It tonifies the Spleen and benefits Qi, moistens the Lungs and stops coughing, and therefore it is good in treating upper respiratory ailments. It has an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. It reduces the toxicity of many substances including nicotine, and caffeine. However, a word of caution…people with high blood pressure should avoid taking these.

Hope you like this healthy, delicious tea! 😀

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