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Recommending A Good Home Renovation & Repair Contractor To You


*Added on 06 October, 2017 – Please read my comment # 3 at the bottom for details of the repair and renovation works I had done in my house


Hi there, dear friends ūüėĬ†

For the past thirteen years of staying in our current house, we had gone through three contractors – the first one renovated the whole house before we moved in, while the other two were sought to address our roof leaks problem which began right after we moved in. All three contractors tried to fix the problem but none were successful.

I asked  my friends to recommend their contractors but they said theirs were not good and reliable, too. So, my family just closed a blind eye to the leaky roofs Рwe tolerated the leaks as they were over  the two bathrooms on the top floor of the house and the water ran into the shower areas. 

However, ¬†recently my bedroom ceiling developed a leak and with¬†this year being a really wet year so far, with rain on most days, my husband and I couldn’t have peace of mind every time it rained and we saw the water running down the wall. ¬†

Sigh…I had to look around for a new contractor and I asked my friends to recommend me theirs, but unfortunately, they didn’t dare to recommend their contractors to me because they were not happy with their contractors’ work either. Their “after repair/renovation work service” were terrible. Some contractors even ran away with the deposit money that one of my friend put down for repairing her leaking roof.¬†

Finally, I persuaded my electrician to get one of his contractor friends to come to our house and and see if he could solve the 13-year old leaky roof problems that we have been sadly experiencing. 

Well, good news! He did!

He did such a good job of solving our roof leaks (there were 3 major areas on the roof) that we decided to give him more work to repair and renovate other areas in our house – the jobs took around two months. That was how much we had done to our house.

Today, he has commenced on the painting of our whole house and we are so happy to see the house finally being 100% in tip top condition again. 

So, in ¬†line with my “Recommending A Good, Reliable Chinese Physician/Doctor” article in 2013, I am now recommending this good contractor to you.¬†

Please note that I am not being paid to promote his services, but I am sharing his contact here because I understand that it can be so difficult to get a good contractor. 

What I also like about his service is that he is not afraid to get his hands dirty and jump into the job, and he was around our house for almost the whole duration of the job requirements. He was only away to buy materials. 

For example,¬†he was on our roof top, with his workers, over the few days it needed to assess the cause of our roof leaks and during the repair job. He took videos and photos to show us so that we knew what was exactly going on up there (since we couldn’t get onto the roof and know what is really happening.) The videos and photos showed what caused our roof leaks and what remedies were put into place to seal the leaks. How great was that?¬†

He has a background in plumbing and tiling, and so he was hands on for those jobs in our house. 

I have heard of contractors who would just dropped off their workers and materials and they were not around to supervise the job and their workers. Some of them were like Project Managers, probably managing a few houses at a time and running all over the place and hardly being on-site to properly manage the home repair or renovation job. 

Because the boss (our contractor) was around most of the time, the workers were more careful with their work because their boss checked on them frequently. This was very assuring to my husband and I  because there is quality assurance for work done. 

So, if you are looking for a good contractor, do give him a call. You can even say that Happyhomemaker88’s Blog recommended him, as I have asked for his permission to write about him in my blog here. Lol!

 His contact details are below.

Please note also that I will not be held responsible nor liable for the contract job between you and him, I am only sharing here a contractor’s details. What happens after you call him is just between you and him. You be the judge and see if he fits your requirements to hire him.¬†

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